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So Why Choose Us? 

You deserve experts. We provide experts.

We have a task force with over 20 years of experience in Project and Program Management, with deep experience in and mastery of Agile Management using Scrum and its variants, Software Design and Development. Java, J2EE, Multi-Tier Application Design and Development, Configuration and Build Management.

Supply Chain and Business Process Past Performance

Healthcare Logistics IT System (FHCC)

We improved productivity and efficiency by helping pilot a switch of The U.S. Departments of Veteran Affair's (VA) logistics and supply chain IT infrastructure system (VISTA) to the DOD's system called the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) system.

Our team’s collaboration with functional leads and review of legacy (VISTA) and new (DMLSS) IT systems generated a backlog of more than 50 artifacts in the beginning for the adaption of DMLSS.

The approach adapted by the team was to assign a primary person for each functional group with support from other team members on as needed basis.

We employed scrum methodology to develop the artifacts. The sprint cadence was 4 weeks with 3 weekly reviews of 30 min each. The completed artifacts were presented to the customer at the completion of each sprint and obtained their concurrence. On completion of project the following artifacts were developed and delivered to the customer.

  • Produced 21 Current State Business Process Maps

  • Produced 32 Future State Business Process Maps

  • Produced 20 Manual Processes

  • Produced Site performance Dashboard for non-clinical functions

  • Produced Phase in Plan

  • Produced Training Strategy Plan

  • Produced Systems Redesign Plan

Past Performance
Analyzing Graphs

"Integres' performance was exemplary in fulfilling its contractual obligations.  Its deliverables were submitted timely, within budget and routinely exceeded client expectations. I commend their dedication and commitment to providing quality professional services and look forward to utilizing their services on other contracts in the future."

-Executive from Prime Contractor

PARAPHRASE:"In August 2019, the Veterans Administration (VA) awarded a prime contract to ProSphere for the Veterans Integrated Registries Platform (VIRP) Phase 2 Development project.  Prosphere subsequently awarded to Integres, a key contributor on this opportunity, a subcontract on VIRP for their services and knowledge related to Veterans Administration (VA) system operations, Agile Methodologies/ Framework, Veteran-Focused Integrated Process (VIP) and Pro-Path standards.  To date, Integres' performance on this project is exceptional in providing a quality product, cost control, timely deliverables and accurate invoices."


-Executive from Prime Contractor

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